Our Ninjas will also get a chance at doing some stop frame animation. 
This activity will include:
  • Story boarding - drafting out what the movie will be about and what the sequence of events should be. This will help them grasp that planning out a project first, makes the whole process easier than "winging" it. 
  • Team work - working in teams they will learn to take each others views and creative ideas on board. They will need to work together to decide on a story and how it it should be planned. Taking it in turns to use the equipment, move the figures and create the masterpiece
  • Once the images have been captured, they will learn how to get them from the camera onto the PC
  • Using the programming software from the previous programming sessions, they will then bring the images to life by programming the sequence to run as a movie. This can then be saved and shared among the group as a collaborative project.
This was a group effort on the Friday of Week 1 of the Techno Ninjas Summer camp 2014. Ryan, Ewan, Ben, Scott, Matthew, Ellie and Sam took turns taking the photos, moving the pieces and, of course, munching the pineapple! They recorded their own voices for the war cry and munching sounds :)