The activities will be self-paced and our Ninjas will be using an online graphical system which will allow them to keep their projects after the course has finished. 
They will be:
  • learning basic programming constructs using easy to see, and build, graphical blocks
  • learning how to create easy programs that are fun
  • learning how to work logically and solve problems - (an essential skill for a budding programmer!)
  • learning how to create their own characters - completely unique to them
  • learning how to follow instructions, go back and make changes to make something work in a different way
  • looking at others work for inspiration and perhaps even improving it!

Press space to begin!

To start: Green = 100. Red = 200. Blue = 300.
Secondly: Green = 10. Red = 20. Blue = 30.
Last: Green = 1. Red=2. Blue = 3

Type up the full answer (Say 100 + 30 + 1) Then type the number into the box! Get 50 to win!

Get -10 to lose! 

by George Burch