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Lynton Parsons BA(Hons) Business 
and IT 

Lynton is one of the co-founders of Techno Ninjas and has been running the successful holiday clubs and Saturday Clubs in Stratford-Upon-Avon since we opened a club there. He is the lead at Stratford and really enjoys getting the Warwickshire Ninjas involved in what we do.

Alex Sansom

Alex was one of our older Ninjas and has now progressed to helping out with the younger ones. He's just finished secondary school having completed his GCSEs and is very interested in a career in IT either as an apprentice, or after College. He's great with the younger Ninjas and has a lot of knowledge under his belt already.

Charlie Parsons

Charlie is Lynton's eldest son and loves helping out on a Saturday and at the Minecraft Camps. He is in the process of doing his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award as well as doing lots of leadership activities at school.