This is just a small selection of the many projects that our Ninjas worked on during the Summer Camp fortnight and Half-term in October

We now have a Studio on Scratch - this is where our Ninjas from Saturday Clubs and those that have come to the camps can share their projects and collaborate if they wish to. Click on the image to have a look at the projects they've been working on:


MaKey MaKey Projects
The game controller was made by Joe Clack and Melissa Morley

Using the Makey Makey the Ninjas created a piano from
tubs of water. Here they're working out the tune to Twinkle
Twinkle Little Star

Here's a link to the Boys playing the tune (lot's of practice beforehand)
Here's a link to the Girls playing - this was their first attempt :)
Fantastic job of getting the staircase to play musical notes! Freddie, Harvey and Ewan worked really well together :)

Piano Staircase

Four shared, hand-made controllers, 18 Ninjas and a
game of Pacman - what could possibly go wrong?

Operation by Milly, Ellie and Evelyn

MaKey MaKey Operation Game

Remember the buzz game with wires? This is the Makey
Makey version!