Working hard
Working on the MaKey MaKey
Freddie debugging his program

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to give us feedback...

Comments by some of the Ninjas - all anonymous because we wanted it that way!

  • "I found Techno Ninjas really cool and I will recommend it to my friends, thank you for a great time!"
  • "I've had a brilliant time at techno ninjas it's so much fun I'm coming next year too hopefully"
  • "It was epic I would come every day"
  • "I only came for a day, but have really enjoyed my self. I really liked the Makey Makey as you can create anything"
  • "I thought It was an amazing experience I loved every day I'm going to beg my dad to come next year"
  • "It was good because I learnt how to use things which I had never heard of"
  • "This place is Awesome"
  • "I thought it was brilliant and a really good expirance I learnt loads of new things and the teachers / coaches were really nice."
  • "The "leaders" were really nice and helped me a lot to develop my scratch skills and I will show off all the things I have done to my friends at school."
  • "When I came I thought I'd be reallyyyy bad but this has helped my attitude to programming immensely! So therefore I would love to come again sometime ;)"
  • "I thought this club was fun because if I got stuck I know that the teachers will help me and also,I made friends"
  • "Great I went from a game player to a game maker!!!"

Comments by parents - some anonymous, others have agreed to name names!

  • "From what Harvey did, I think the days worked really well. I expected sitting on laptops for the whole day but was pleasantly surprised with the activities they got up to and the variety of what they learnt." - Charlotte Goodman

  • "It was a great balance of organised learning and amazing fun, my son loved it and I was very pleased to see him so happy." - Sylwia Holmes

  • "After booking my child into the course for the full week I felt slightly guilty, would there be enough for him to do plus keep his interest going. Well I should not have worried, Karen and Lynt certainly kept them engaged and really busy with many different activities, my son Ewan certainly has gained knowledge and has had a great deal of fun! Now he can teach me! Thanks for a great week." - Wendy Craig

  • "Great idea - suited my child down to the ground. He is now highly motivated to continue learning the subject.

  • "Charlie said it was awesome couldn't get enough of it!" - Melanie Cox

  • "Great idea. They got huge enjoyment from it.

  • "Ieuan had a fantastic time and learnt a lot. Many of the things he has learnt he has now tried to teach his sisters! The social difficulties Ieuan has was taken into account, and he enjoyed every minute of it" - Fiona Jones